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"Ti indicherò la strada migliore."

Translation:I will point you to the best street.

September 22, 2014



'I will indicate the best street to you' was not accepted whereas 'I will indicate to you the best street' was. Am I alone in saying that I would never use the latter? I am thinking of reporting it.


The latter is perfectly correct but you're right that the first is much more common.


Honestly, "I will indicate to you the best street" even seems like something I would almost never say. I said "tell you" because I thought it was a nicer translation. Sometimes one gets marked incorrect for literal translations, and sometimes for more natural translations. I guess we can just report these things and see what happens...


Is "I'll show you the best route" really incorrect? If so, why?


To me route would imply a sequence of streets, roads, turns, etc to use to arrive at a given destination.

".. point you to the best street" might be poor English but might be answering a question such as "Where can I find the best bargain around here?"


Why is "I will show you the better street" wrong ?

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I agree with werner256774. "Migliore" can also mean better. Reported


Still not accepted 9/9/'17


I thought this might have something to do with "miglio" versus "migliore..." "Ti indichero la miglio strada." Perhaps?


Bad english. A person points to the street not to the person. "I will show (indicate) the best street to you" would be much better or, if you insist on using "point", it would be "I will point to the best street (for you to take)".


I am pretty sure that the pronunciation - even on the slow option was 'indichierò' not 'indicherò'. Did anyone else find this?


I heard that glide in the slow speed, but not so much in the normal speed.


You are in a muddle! You are mixing up the English translations of indicare . It should be either 'show you the best road' or 'point out the best road to you'


Strange translation


I abbreviated to: T'indichero... but rejected. Is there a rule when you can and can't abbreviate with apostrophe?


I agree with: "I will point the street to you"


I put "I will indicate the best road for you" which is acceptable UK E.


Still do not understand the mistake after so many times


Why is it not : la strada migliora ???? Can somebody explain ? Thanks

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