"Eu gosto de chá."

Translation:I like tea.

June 6, 2013

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I like of tea. Why is the "de" there?


Interesting--this is word for ¨tea¨ in Mandarin Chinese, as well. Well, the orthography is the same. The ¨ch¨ is pronounced like the ¨ch¨ in ¨chair.¨


Interesting!!! "Ch" in portuguese is like "sh" in English


The words for tea are actually fascinating aren't they! - across asia it is a version of 'cha' (i.e. 'chai' in india), and then in europe it ranges from te´ to the´ to tea, with the occasional cha thrown in for good measure.


I like Night being N-eight in maaany languages.

Noite - N-oito - Portuguese

Nacht - N-acht - German

Notte - N-otto - Italian

Noche - N-ocho - Spanish

Nuit - N-huit - French


Tea in japanese is (o-)cha too. In the 16. Century the whole world (europe excluded) was seperated in a spanish and a portugues part. Japan and everything eastwards became potugues terrain. In Japan the word for bread is also pan.

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