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Italian Music, Movies, TV Shows?

Hey everyone! I'm looking to immerse myself more into learning Italian, can anyone recommend any good Italian music, movies, or television shows? Or even if you have anything that helped you personally learn the language better, share that too!


June 6, 2013



Hi! The problem with italian tv is it's often full of slang and dialectal words/accent. If you're into it, you could look up some black and white movies, they're better than most newer italian movies and the pronounciation is often clearer. Have you ever heard of Fellini? :) Additionally if you go for older and cult movies you could also find english (or italian, but not sure about this) subtitles, that could be a great help.

There's a lot of italian music and a great debate about what's actually good... what are your tastes about music?!


http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0118799/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1 This is a good movie that I saw a few years back in high school and it was easily my favorite Italian film. I watched the original Italian version, not the English dub they came out with later. A beautiful, funny, and emotional movie. It's called La vita è bella.


La vita e' bella, like mentioned is a great movie. Anything with Sofia Loren and/or Marcello Mastroianni usually does it for me.

Music? I've been listening to Tiziano Ferro since i was 7. He has some great music. I also like Jovanotti because you can understand most of what he's saying.


Ligabue has some great music and it's slow enough to understand what he's saying, if you're into rap at all Fabri Fibra is pretty popular and his lyrics are full of all sorts of little jabs at Italian society which is really interesting to hear.


Fabri Fibra Gianna Nannini Simone Christicchi- (highly suggested)


I like to watch clips of RAI television news online and read the Corriere Della Sera newspaper website (corriere.it). Also, I really like "Lo Meglio Gioventu" ("The Best of Youth"), a miniseries that was on Italian TV about 10 years ago - you can get it from Netflix and I think most if not all of it is also on YouTube. It follows the lives of the members of an Italian family over several decades. For non-Italians it's a pretty good introduction to some of the major events and issues in Italian culture from the '60s through the '90s.


Ciao! Some good artists are Tiziano Ferro and Laura Pausini. There are many Italian short films, cartoons, movie trailers (of your favorite American films, but in Italian) and things like that. You just have to search! :)

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