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"Zijn moeder is een verpleegkundige."

Translation:His mother is a nurse.

September 23, 2014



Why "een" is needed here. I thought "Zijn moeder is verpleegkundige" was enough.


I guess it's only to show us it is possible. The use of the article is facultative.


Does 'verpleegster' also mean nurse? Is there a difference?


Verpleegster for female nurses, verpleger for male nurses and verpleegkundige for either.


They are synonyms, so they both mean "nurse". However if you want to know the literal meaning, a "verpleegster" is a "nurser" while "verpleegkundige" means someone who is skilled in nursing.


Zo iemend kan verpleegster zijn maar heb een diploma niet nodig? Het spijt mij voor ieder fouten.


Sorry, I was not commenting on whether the person had a certificate or not. I was trying to give the literal meaning of the words, but maybe I should have taken a different approach.

The Dutch word for "mathematics" is ""wiskunde'. A "mathematician" is therefore called "een wiskundige". There is a similar word for nursing, which is "verpleegkunde". The name of the profession "verpleegkundige" is derived from that.

"Verpleegster" has a different original because it is derived from the verb "verplegen", just like "bakker" is derived from the verb "bakken". So they mean the same, they just have a different root.


Can anyone do a word breakdown? This is giving me the "this is a compound word" so it may be easier to remember what those are...similar to how "werkgever/werknemer" are "work giver" and "taker" respectively for employer and employee.

  • plegen = to act/do (only in specific contexts), e.g.
  • overleg plegen = to consult/to have a meeting
  • misdaad plegen = to commit (do) a crime
  • pleegkind = foster kid
  • pleegouder = foster parent
  • verplegen = to nurse
  • de verpleegster = the female nurse
  • kunde = science/knowlegde/being able to
  • natuurkunde = physics (lit. nature science)
  • scheikunde = chemistry (lit. splitting science)
  • meetkunde = geometry (lit. measure science)
  • bouwkunde = building physics
  • verpleegkunde = study to become a nurse (lit. nursing science)
  • verpleegkundige = nurse


This is way better than me punching each part into Google translate. Understanding the word composition helps me learn. Dank u wel!!

Can I summon you for each compound word‽


This is the first time I have seen an interrobang used outside of an article about the interrobang


Is there a shorter word in Dutch for nurse? That one is a mouthful.

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