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  5. "Een hond zit erin."

"Een hond zit erin."

Translation:A dog sits in it.

September 23, 2014



I've just this moment realized that this use of "er" is where English gets words like "therein". "De hond zit erin" is translated as "The dog sits in it", but this is basically the same as "The dog sits therein". This is a less common way of putting it in English, but thinking of it this way has just made it a lot easier to understand!


I said "A dog sits within it". Anybody else think this should be accepted?


I'm not sure, but I think that would be, "een hond zit erin het." I'm thinking that since you are defining the location in English you would have to do so in Dutch too.

Alternatively you might say "a dog sits within." I haven't tried but when I do it again I will.


Cloud someone tell we what the original sentence would be if 'er' is not used? Een hond zit binnen het? Because "A dog sits inside" is also an acceptable answer.


the translation I got said sits "therein". Not used in common English.

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