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Voice recording suddenly stopped working

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I think it was just last, but definitely this week that voice recording has stopped working.

The record button appears, I press it and speak, but where there used to be an animation of the loudness of me speaking, there is now nothing.

I checked the access permissions to camera & mike, reinstalled the Flash plugin, restarted the browser, rebooted the computer.

I checked other web services that use camera and mike: works fine...?!?

What else to do?

I'm using Ubuntu 12.10, Firefox 21.0, Adobe Flash plugin

June 6, 2013

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Works now!

I hadn't tried Chrome yet, so to leave nothing untried... I accessed duolingo with Chrome and when in Chrome I could record I went back and tried in Firefox, where it now is working again also....

So for me the issue is resolved now although I don't understand how starting up Chrome might have fixed it...

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