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  5. "Hvem kigger du på?"

"Hvem kigger du på?"

Translation:Who are you looking at?

September 23, 2014



By my understanding you would have to change the grammer around if you wanted to use whom: ‘At whom are you looking?’ Plus I don’t even know many sticklers for grammar who use whom in everyday speech.


Since it's always good to have a clear understanding of grammar when learning a foreign language, I want to chime in here. The inversion of the sentence structure is irrelevant; what matters is what the "who/whom" word is filling in for.

If its a direct object, then you use "who": He is singing/Who is singing?

If it's an indirect object, then you use "whom": He is singing with her/With whom is he singing?

And it's definitely not as widely used as it used to, but if nothing else, understanding the distinction will help clarifying indirect and direct objects which can definitely be confusing in a new language.


I see. Thankyou for clearing that up.


Couldn't this be "Who are you looking for?" as well?


I think that would be Hvem kigger du efter?


You can say that. Often we say " hvem leder du efter?"


How would 'who is looking at you?' be different?


It would use the object form of "you" and it would be after the preposition (Hvem kigger på dig?)


Whom are you looking at ? This phrase is not wrong. It's the same like saying "Who are you looking at".


What is the difference between ser and kigger?


Kikker is just as right as kigger

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