#faq - ... tagging comments ... maybe increase the efficiency to exchange grammar know how between the members in the DuoLingo Community

The section "Troubleshooting" has only been around for some months after tons of pros and cons are commented.

The current debate is about a "faq" section ... especially for "grammar issues"

Maybe it is time that the DuoLingo Community itself ... invents some syntax to sort all the stuff in the discussions.

I suggest doing this by tagging the headline ...
of a discussion by certain keywords
leading by the '#' character and seperate by ':' ... so the DuoLingo Team can count which keywords are important in a special way to organize knowledge bricks in new section groups ...

... and maybe formatting text bold and italic ... currently made by a cut-down version of the Markdown Syntax ... can be extended by some new formatting rules ... especially adding colors to the text

for example ... everyone who is faced to a certain grammar problem ... can publish this by the following text pattern


#faq:grammar:Portuguese - grammatical gender

... some text ...

example sentence - see: "Uma mulher" -

another example of such a knowledge brick is


#faq:MarkDown:Syntax - formatting text bold

... some text ...


June 6, 2013


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