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Ability to mark lessons I might want to review later

I find that sometimes I've "mastered" a lesson and still have some doubts about my abilities. I've scraped thru, losing hearts right & left. Some lessons have been much easier for me. I forget which are which, though.

I'd really like the ability to mark the "hard" ones somehow, so I can easily see which I might want to go back to. And it'd also be nice to be able to remove that mark once I feel more confident.

What do you think? Is this something you'd like to be able to do?

September 10, 2012



Use the practice function. It uses an algorithm that's supposed to automatically help you with committing everything to long-term memory on a word per word basis in a way that means you really shouldn't have to redo lessons you've already completed.


You might print your own Home page, then add on the paper copy the marks & comments you would like ? At least until Duo proposes a more "modern" way of doing it !


@Awesomo Thanks for the idea. I've used Practice a few times but haven't thought about it much. I'll try it again.

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