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Finished Dutch ... Septalingual at last!

I just finished the Dutch tree. That's all six languages now available on Duolingo, plus my native American English. So I suppose I am now offcially SEPTALINGUAL, if that is a word!

September 23, 2014



There's also Irish and Danish that are available.


The last I heard Irish and Danish had not yet been released into beta. I'll check it again. Danish should be fun, but Irish is going to be a major pain in the you know what!


They got released about a month ago. And yeah, Irish is a pain but it's really interesting.


Irish and Danish were in a joint release about a month ago. Long time since then...


It's really stupid because I clicked NOTIFY ME WHEN RELEASED and have received no notifications for either Dutch, Danish or Irish!


You're not alone, I never heard from them either!


What resources outside of DL do you use to learn more/review your languages?


I listen to shortwave broadcasts such as Radio Nederland, which broadcasts Dutch lessons for English speakers. You can also get these online from the RN website.


What about your other languages? I'm just trying to find as many resources as I can to help myself :).


Could you please give me the link to the Radio Nederland channel that broadcasts Dutch lessons English speakers? And gefeliciteerd!


I'm sorry, I was mistaken. I used to listen to it every day on shortwave, but the Radio Nederland English service has now shut down due to budget restraints. Too bad, they had some good programs. The Dutch language service might still be going. Here is a list of radio stations in the Netherlands streaming live on the internet: http://www.listenlive.eu/netherlands.html There are an incredible number of them!


Oh and congratulations.


Congratulations to your achievement!

However, I don't like it when people state that they are polyglots, when they aren't fluent in their languages. Finishing the tree at Duolingo is a great starting point, but there is a long way to go to speak those languages fluently afterwards.

So be proud of your accomplishment to have a little knowledge in all these languages, but please don't call yourself "septalingual" - yet ;-)


You have made a good point, and I used the term polyglot with tongue in cheek. The only languages I have some fluency in are English, Italian, French and Spanish. The rest are useful to know, if only a little.


Use polyglot instead :)


I thought Dutch was hard to pronounce until I tried Danish. It has a lot of glottal stops that are not shown in the spelling ... which is not too reliable. I have trouble understanding the speaker, let alone imitating her. Maybe Swedish will be easier.


Nice mr. rwhubert ! How many languages will you learn during your lifetime ?


I'm trying to add at least one new language each year. I seem to have been born with an ability to remember words and phrases, and I find grammar to be fascinating. I cannot wait to study a non-Indoeuropean language such as Hungarian. Many people have above-average linguistic talent. If you've got it, use it!

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