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  5. "The dog drinks the water."

"The dog drinks the water."

Translation:Hunden drikker vandet.

September 23, 2014



So why is it "vandet" and not "vanden" for "the water"?


In Danish, there are two genders for the Words, common gender (which uses 'en'), and neuter gender (which uses 'et'). There is no real rule, you just need to learn when to use 'en' and when to use 'et'. With Water, it would be 'et' since it's neuter gender, and with dog, it's 'en', because dog is common gender. I hope it helped :)


Looking up in Wiktionary, https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/vand#Danish

vandet = the water, BUT there is a second meaning of vand, which means Soft Drink, and isn't neuter... so this could be 'vanden'.

But what type of soft drink is this? A fizzy drink, a cordial, or flavoured water?


Why is this sentence sometimes translated as "Hunden drikker vand" and sometimes "Hunden drikker vandet" -- is it related to the definite article?


It is! Hunden drikker vand means the dog drinks water, while Hunden drikker vandet means the dog drinks the water :)

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