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  5. "Kvinden har en hvid kjole."

"Kvinden har en hvid kjole."

Translation:The woman has a white dress.

September 23, 2014



Nej, det er blå og sort


Nej for søren, det er hvid og guld.


Wow, slowed down she the "hvid" sounds like she's choking on her tongue. :/


Lol, I was thinking exactly the same


It is a tricky one. I only heard "vil".

Looks like the "h" is silent and the soft "d" is pronounced like an "L".


Yes, we have quite a few of silent letters (a lot is h in the beginning of a word if it comes before v... hvad (what), hvem (who) etc.). However, the soft d is not pronounced like an L. I like to explain it more like the th- sound in the (this is more noticeable in a soft -de ending of a word though, but still more correct than L in my opinion as a Dane)


I know that it is not a real L sound, but it is far from an English "th" sound, and if you use it when speaking English it sounds weird. :-)


When would it be hvidt or hvide?


Can i ask when to use hvid, hvide, & hvidt? Tak


Hvid: with a common-gender word (n-word) Hvidt: with a neuter-gender word (t-word) Hvide: with a plural & after a definite artikel (det/den) or a possessiv pronoun (in this case the nouns gender does not matter its always hvide)


Does this sentence mean that she has it (e.g. in her wardrobe) or she is wearing it?


She just has it. "Kvinden har en hvid kjole på" means that she is wearing it.


Reminds me of "The woman in white" by Wilkie Collins. Or a woman on her wedding day ;-)

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