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  5. "Sie trägt einen Hut."

"Sie trägt einen Hut."

Translation:She wears a hat.

June 7, 2013



I'm still confused as to why this is "einen"....I can't seem to remember why the "n" or more likely "en"?


In Akkusativ : Der=einen Die=eine Das=ein :)


Thanks a lot!!It helped me a lot..


That is the akkusativ case.


If you say I have- manipulate- use- wear or see some(one)thing it would be the akkusative. See the table in images e.g. here https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/kleine-grammatik/id452837158?mt=8


Sie can also mean they, so why is "They are wearing a hat" incorrect?


Two reasons: it would be tragen instead of traegt, and also, multiple people wearing one hat doesn't make much sense.


The second reason would not apply in Duolingo. Half the sentences here don't make much sense.


They might not make sense, but the main objective is to get you familiar with verb conjugations, nouns, and sentence structure.

If duolingo gave you a sentence like "Die Frau isst den Hund", why would you use that sentence to apply to real life? As crazy as the sentence might be, it's to teach you that "die Frau" means "The woman", "isst" is the third person conjugation for "essen" which means "to eat" and "den Hund" is "the dog" which "der" switches to "den" when a masculine noun is the direct object.

That's just plain dumb to discredit the nonsensical sentences on Duolingo just because they don't make sense in meaning. The meaning might oddly be put together, but they make sense in the grammatical structure, and that's more important to take in.


That sounds like you are implying that the hat i being worn by multiple people


Sie can be they or she.In this case it is she.


Why is conjugation of traegt not available?


In Akkusativ : Der=einen Die=eine Das=ein :)


When you click on the Hut button, it's pronounced 'hut' but the fast and slow audio pronounce it as 'hoot'.


Anyone else have a problem with the woman's pronunciations? I couldn't tell, even after multiple slow listenings, if she was saying Hut or Rock this time. I'm going to try to get the male pronunciations from now on.


The tragst and the trinkt sound identical. When it is asking you a question and you can't see the question just hear it it makes it impossible?!


can someone please explain why there are different versions of the a in tragt

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