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  5. "Ho perso il mio portafoglio."

"Ho perso il mio portafoglio."

Translation:I have lost my wallet.

September 23, 2014



In the conjugation table "perduto" is indicated as the past participle. Is that interchangeable with "perso"? Which form is generally used?


I wonder this myself.


Would "portafoglio" also translate into the probably old-fashioned English word for what a woman kept her money in - "purse"? I don't mean the American word for a handbag ...


la borsa is purse


"La borsa" in UK English would probably be a handbag ... called a purse in the US. A purse in UK English is what a woman uses for money.


I'm not getting these past-tenses. ex: Perdo is I lost.... PerSO is I Have Lost??? When I click on the button to explain the congugation it only shows the present tenses for perdere... perdo... perdi... perde, etc.. But it seems those ALL change in the past tense... so Where are the congugations for us to learn those ??


I'm struggling to understand all the tenses myself, but I think I'm correct in saying that "perso" is the past participle ... you need to put the appropriate form of the verb "avere" in front of it to conjugate it correctly. In other words, "ho perso" is "I have lost/I lost", "hai perso" is "you have lost/you lost", "ha perso" is "he/she /it has lost", etc. Does that make better sense?


It does! Thanks so much!


what button for conjugation? I dont appear to have this option any more, it really was useful but it seems to have gone,


I have seen "il portafogli" (as singular form) also - is there any difference between these words or they are just interchangeable?


per google translate 'il portafogli' is a typo


Would anyone like to Skype? I know more Eng osh than Italian and I could really use some help


This isn't a comment, but a complaint: it's a really bad idea to introduce a whole bunch of new verbs right when the student is starting to struggle with all the rules involved with the past tense and a whole passel of past participles - and right after the massive 50-verb dump of Present 3. Yes, you're going to be learning new verbs constantly in a language - but you have to understand when to time the introduction of certain material, and this is absolutely not the time for yet more new verbs.


This happens a lot to people in big cities in Italy (and other countries for that matter).


When do you use perduto insted of perso?


I've also wanted to use "perduto", but can't find the word in my little dictionary so maybe it doesn't exist??


Try using wordreference.com alongside Duolingo. It has a conjugation page that is very helpful.


I put 'I have lost my briefcase' and it tells me it is correct.

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