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Doesn't teach all the words

I just started noticing that whenever I do a new lesson, it doesn't teach me all the words that are listed in the lesson.

For example "Adjectives - Lesson 4", it didn't teach me "tilgængelig" and "fremtidige" although we should learn those words in this lesson.

Am I the only one with this problem?

Greetings, Kenneth

September 23, 2014



I've heard of various problems with the sentence selection within a lesson, such as this. Unfortunately, there's nothing we moderators can do, and I don't think anyone from the Duolingo technical team reads this forum. I mean, how could they read it all :)

Please report it in the Troubleshooting forum or directly to Duolingo Support (Click "Contact Us" at the bottom this page.


Thank you, I'll do that! :)


Thank you for all the input, we are looking into it!


Which is why I do each lesson multiple times! The lessons are set to chose words randomly so you can do them over and not get bored. I agree that reviewing and coming across a word you did not know is difficult. Which is why I prefer to review by redoing the original lessons until I am confident that I have probably seen all the words. This is not a solution. It is just what I do and it works well for me. I use the review after I have worked on those lessons thoroughly and if I find another word in the review or have forgotten some, then I go back to the original lessons yet again.


Happens to me all the time. Apparently there is nothing we can do to fix it

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