"For over a decade"

Translation:Per oltre un decennio

June 7, 2013

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My dictionary says that piu di means more than. Is that not correct?


A few questions before this, Oltre meant besides e.g. Besides apples, I do not eat fruit = Oltre mele, non mangio frutta. Why or how does Oltre become over?


What the heck? I said the answer should be "per piu di un decennia" and it says it should be "per piu di un un decennia" with two "un"s. That's not right, is it?


mmm... no, it's not. However, it's un decenniO, not decenniA. The double un is Duolingo's muck up, though.


I am surprised there is no contraction between "oltre" and "un". Such as "oltr' un".

Is there really no contraction here, or is this an oversight by Duolingo?


There isn't a contraction. Some people may use it, but it's not gramatically correct.


So when do we use contractions, and when not. Is there a lesson that covers it?


I put "Per piu di decennio", because in English, "For over a decade" = "For more than a decade".


I think "per più di un decennio" would be right. Without the "un" you are saying "for over decade" which is also incorrect in English


So the literal translation is "for other one decade". I do think "for over a decade" does not mean "for another decade". It should mean "for the whole ten years and more" responding to questions like "how long have you been here?"


You are thinking about altre. Oltre does mean over


I tells me the correct answer is "Per oltro una decade."?????


Why is 'Fra più di un decennio' in correct?


FRA is wrong in the context. The phrase you wrote means "in over a decade", meaning something will happen after the decade is over. "PER più di un decennio" means that something is happening or happened for more than a decade, not after.


Drat, was proud of myself to get the 'Per oltre' but marked incorrect for double consonant in wrong place 'decennio' not 'deccenio'! I'm usually pretty good at checking spelling by phonics but this C=ch sound didn't register in my writing sigh


Why would durante not be acceptable?

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