"Sie sind heute eher die Ausnahme."

Translation:You are rather an exceptional case today.

September 23, 2014



DL accepts "Today you are the exception" which ignores the concept conveyed by "eher" and rejects "Today you are more the exception" which incorporates it. It also indicates that "You are rather an exceptional case today" is an acceptable translation. Wow. I keep losing hearts because I can't read their mind...

September 23, 2014


I don't see how "an exceptional case" works but "rather the exception" is perfectly fine English and seems to convey what the German says. Native speakers?

August 11, 2017


How does one know that Sie is "you" when it's at the beginning of a sentence without context?

December 11, 2018


"an exceptional case" is kind of awkward in Amer Eng...you are really/actually the exception today...much smoother

October 8, 2018


to say that TODAY has to be in a certain place is pure nuts

October 22, 2018
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