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  5. "Is it yours?"

"Is it yours?"

Translation:Er det din?

September 23, 2014



Am I wrong in thinking that det must go with dit and den must go with din?


Not in this sentence, I guess.

Here the "det" addresses "er" while the pronoun "din" is referred to an object that we don't know. Each of them (det and din) has his own gender. They are not correlated.

So if we would have "hus" as object, the sentence would be: "Er det dit hus?"

If we have"tallerken" as object, it would be: "Er det din tallerken"

This is a guess, but someone with better knowledge than me can confirm!


Why this anserw is er det jeres


When to use den and det?


In a question like this, where the subject it unidentified (in this case: "it") how do you know when to use din, det, or dine?


Duolingo needs to teach us also grammar, not only frases


They do. Instead of clicking start on your lesson, click the lightbulb and you'll find it.


This isn't available in the app version which many people use, and is likely the source of plenty of questions


Are you seeing "tips" from the lesson page? Try those!


Er det din Er den din What's the difference and when do you use which?


It depends on what you are reffering to. Din for common (n-words), and dit for neuter (t-words)


When would i use "Jeres" and "din" ?


One needs to pay close attention to this sentence (as with all unspecific sentences). 'Is it yours?' - the 'it' can be yours (dit/din) - the it referring to neutral or common nouns ( the type of it ): Er det din/Er det dit, and it can also be you guys's (Er det jeres). I think the confusion is coming from trying to have 'it' decline according to its gender, when the sentence is changing according to the person possessing it. The 'it' isn't doing any possessing. I am also guessing that Danish has some sort of preference for the neuter gender (like most languages masculine) that 'det' is preferred in the abstract for it, rather than use din.


Er det jeres (plural) is correct too


I wrote "er det dit" and it was OK. Why?


Aren't din, dit and jeres all correct?


Is it yours? Er det jeres? is the only solution Duolingo accepts. But shouldn’t Er det din/dit, be accepted too?

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