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  5. "Our car is green."

"Our car is green."

Translation:La nostra macchina è verde.

June 7, 2013



"Il nostro automobile è verde" is among the correct answers - isn't "automobile" feminine (like in "automobile nuova/usata")? Or can it be both?


you're right: the noun "automobile" is feminine, that answer is wrong "automobile" could be masculine only like adjective, in that case it means "automotive" (something that moves itself by hits own) but it is very unusual. With the meaning of car "automobile" can't be masculine at all.


Oh, come on. Evey Italian I have ever met says macchina for their car.


What is the problem ? Duolingo's original translation is "La nostra macchina é verde"


I wrote exactly that. But it said that "La nostra automobile é verde" was the only correct sentence.

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