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30 Days

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Hej allesammen,

30 days have passed ever since the release of the Danish course. Thanks again for the great work. I really appreciate it with all my heart. Therefore I wanted to post a review about my first 30 days with the course. Some background information, I've been here in Denmark with my boyfriend for roughly 2-3 months (just for visit, I don't live here) and I always felt bad when I was outside and someone tried to talk to me in Danish and I always have to respond "Sorry, I can't speak Danish". Feels like being an immigrant who doesn't want to be integrated or something. I really hated that feeling, especially because my boyfriend knows a little German and I didn't know anything about his language. I wanted to show him some interest and badly learn some Danish.

Ever since the course released I invested a huge amount of time into learning Danish on a daily basis and I would say the progress is clearly visible. I'm now able to read and write some Danish. When I wrote to one of my Danish friends the other day in Danish, he didn't believe it was me who is writing. Of course, I still do many mistakes but I guess that's normal, since 30 days is not enough time to learn a language. I have to look up words here and there but overall it's getting somewhere. To see how surprised and impressed my friends are motivates me to learn even more Danish.

When watching tv in Denmark, I'm able to read Danish subtitles and understand a lot of it. Of course it's depending on the topic and if I know the needed vocabulary. But thinking back, I can really see how much better I have become in reading.

I can't speak Danish. The pronunciation is really what throws me off. Especially words with g and d in the middle give me trouble and feels like my tongue can't do it. I guess to learn the pronunciation is the hardest part of the language. But time will (hopefully) fix this.

Hearing Danish is also very challenging, I can understand a little if I ask my boyfriend to talk sloooowly and clearly. However, the natural case is this: Danes do talk FAST. Stuff sounds like it was one word. I really have a hard time to fish the words apart. I can't really do it yet.

This concludes my review. I hope you enjoyed it. Thanks again to the Danish Team. You really helped me a lot by making this course happen. <3

Mange tak!

3 years ago