30 Days

Hej allesammen,

30 days have passed ever since the release of the Danish course. Thanks again for the great work. I really appreciate it with all my heart. Therefore I wanted to post a review about my first 30 days with the course. Some background information, I've been here in Denmark with my boyfriend for roughly 2-3 months (just for visit, I don't live here) and I always felt bad when I was outside and someone tried to talk to me in Danish and I always have to respond "Sorry, I can't speak Danish". Feels like being an immigrant who doesn't want to be integrated or something. I really hated that feeling, especially because my boyfriend knows a little German and I didn't know anything about his language. I wanted to show him some interest and badly learn some Danish.

Ever since the course released I invested a huge amount of time into learning Danish on a daily basis and I would say the progress is clearly visible. I'm now able to read and write some Danish. When I wrote to one of my Danish friends the other day in Danish, he didn't believe it was me who is writing. Of course, I still do many mistakes but I guess that's normal, since 30 days is not enough time to learn a language. I have to look up words here and there but overall it's getting somewhere. To see how surprised and impressed my friends are motivates me to learn even more Danish.

When watching tv in Denmark, I'm able to read Danish subtitles and understand a lot of it. Of course it's depending on the topic and if I know the needed vocabulary. But thinking back, I can really see how much better I have become in reading.

I can't speak Danish. The pronunciation is really what throws me off. Especially words with g and d in the middle give me trouble and feels like my tongue can't do it. I guess to learn the pronunciation is the hardest part of the language. But time will (hopefully) fix this.

Hearing Danish is also very challenging, I can understand a little if I ask my boyfriend to talk sloooowly and clearly. However, the natural case is this: Danes do talk FAST. Stuff sounds like it was one word. I really have a hard time to fish the words apart. I can't really do it yet.

This concludes my review. I hope you enjoyed it. Thanks again to the Danish Team. You really helped me a lot by making this course happen. <3

Mange tak!

September 23, 2014


Listening has been by far the most difficult part for me. Danes themselves have hard time understanding each other, that's why the most common phrase you hear all the time is: "Hvad siger du?" :)

I heard about this stereotype, however my boyfriend said that it's not as bad as people make it look like. Also while I'm here in Denmark, I haven't seen Danes not understanding themselves when talking to eachother.

It's not just a stereotype, they do say it a lot! :) Almost every second time someone starts a conversation thereafter comes "Hvad siger du?". Especially when people don't know each other and just start talking - in the street, on a bus, etc.

After that the conversation goes on smoothly, though.

I didn't notice this in the 2-3 months I spend in Denmark though :p

"hvad siger du" can mean "what did you say" but also "what do you mean"

it's in present tense, so it should mean "what do you say" rather than "what did you say" I guess. In past tense should be "hvad sagde du".

Yes literally this is true. However in English I never hear people say "what do you say", instead they say "what did you say". In Danish people use the present tense in this scenario.

Continuous present may be used in English for "hvad siger du" in the sense "what do you mean" as in "what are you saying". I do not think Danish has continuous tenses. Other expressions for "hvad siger du" or "hvad sagde du" in English include "excuse me", "what's that", "come again", "say again", "please repeat", "huh", "was that Klingon".

Pardon me what does please repat mean, I didn't get that :)

Dear sir I know not of what you speak. Whatever do you mean with this "repat" business? ;-)

Know exactly how you feel with the pronunciation. Danish does sometimes feel a bit like a tongue-twister (probably also why it's spoken so quickly! It's a challenge!). But it sounds like you're making some good progress! Held og lykke med det!

mange tak, jeg prøver hver dag! :)

We also have similar reasons for learning Danish!

Yeah, I saw it on your page =) isn't a bad reason tho!

Very nice. I'm doing this course for 31 days and I'm really enjoying it immensely too. I plan to make a short trip next year to København and am really curious what I can understand in a few months. :)

Pretty nice, I can tell you Copenhagen is a really pretty city. You will not regret it. :)

I've been there once for my work, but there was no real time to really visit the city. We made a short walk in the center, but I do want to go back. :)

with regard to stuff sounding like one word: That's totally normal in most languages. There are a few places where people speak slowly and clearly, but for the most part it's very hard to differentiate between words until your vocabulary really reaches some kind of crucial tipping point. I had a similar experience in Paris- my French got much better over time, but Parisians speak so quickly it still makes me anxious. You could ask your boyfriend to pause between each word. I find that helps.

Yes, he often does that, I'm still in an early stage in learning. I just need more time and practice. At some point I will surely get the hang of it. :)

You will! Being in a romantic relationship with someone who is willing to teach while you are willing to learn is a great way to learn a language.

Surely is motivating! :)

I used to look at Scandinavian languages as alphabet soup, but now I can make out words and sentence structures and have an idea of what is being said or written. It's given me a really good foundation. I have no one to practice Danish with so I'm just doing this for fun but I can already tell I've gotten a lot out of it. Enjoy Denmark! Hope to make it there one day!

I will be moving there at some point next year when my studies in Germany are concluded. :)

You should join in the Dansk Skype group, if you have not already! :) Then you will get practice writing and reading, and if you are around for the calls on Saturdays, you can practice speaking (and some listening).

Yes, I will do definitely! I just sent an add request to the group :)

Hej! Hvordan finder jeg den skype gruppe? :)

Just add "danish duolingo" as a contact in Skype, furthermore there is a thread in the danish duolingo board about it. (here:

I love your post! You are making so much progress, congrats! Ha, yes, I completely agree that it often sounds like all one word. I get excited if I am listening to something in Danish and can actually make out a few words because it is difficult to do.

Thanks for your sweet words. :) I also discovered great Danish music. It also helps you to get a feeling what the language sounds like. We just need more time, we can do it eventually :)

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