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  5. "Du spiser dine æbler."

"Du spiser dine æbler."

Translation:You are eating your apples.

September 24, 2014



can someone explain how this din, dine, dit & min, mine, mit stuff works?


din/min/sin are all used for common gender (n-words) such as din bil, min mobil, sin stol
dit/mit/sit are all used for neuter gender words (t-words) such as dit æble, mit hus, sit kæledyr
dine/mine/sine are all used for plural words such as dine biler, mine huse, sine kæledyr


Well said, and thank you very much - this was all giving me a hard time moments ago!


How do you tell the difference between "common gender" words and "neuter gender" words? Also, what does n-words and t-words mean?


A lot of the time you just have to learn the gender with the word. I would encourage you to read this post: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/4288076

"N-words" are common gender words (they take en as the indefinite article)
"T-words" are neuter gender words (they take et as the indefinite article)


Shouldn't this be sine æbler?


Why isn't jeres used instead of dine?

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