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"Min pige spiser sin mad derinde."

Translation:My girl is eating her food in there.

September 24, 2014



Would "min pige" be an expression for my girlfriend or my daughter or is it something else entirely?


It can be both your daughter and your girlfriend, but in most cases you would use it when you're talking about your daughter.


How about your servant girl? That would seem to make sense for someone who eats in a separate interior location.


just can't agree with "in there"...


Could mad be "meal" here?


Why couldn't you have inside instead of in there?


derinde: therein, or in there.

indenfor: inside.


I put my girl eats her food in there...why is this wrong?


It should be accepted. If it is not could you share your sentence or a screenshot of what you wrote and the error message?


I got this question on a "Speak this question" using a browser on a computer and it gave me the first four words correct. It also marked the question incorrect. I know this wouldn't have happened on the mobile app, not to mention that you're only given one chance on a computer. These types of discrepancies are really frustrating. I guess I'll have to turn off spoken questions, as usual.

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