"Jeg vil gerne have en sandwich og et glas med mælk."

Translation:I want a sandwich and a glass with milk.

September 24, 2014



Is this a normal way of saying "A glass of (blank)" in Danish? Could you also say "et glas af maelk"? "A glass with milk" sounds a little awkward in English.

September 24, 2014


"et glas maelk" also works.

September 24, 2014


Thumbs up for "et glas maelk"! Also, in English "a glass of milk" is more commonly used.

February 5, 2019


Et glas mælk I could understand, but "A glass WITH milk"...? That's a very odd phrase! "Here's your sandwich, sir, and here's your glass. Would you like me to put the milk you asked for into the glass -- or shall I keep it separate?"

November 27, 2018


How come " will have " for "vil gerne have" doesn't work? Isn't it the same as "want" or "would like"?

January 20, 2016


A glass of milk would be the correct translation

June 28, 2019
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