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  5. "Jeg studerer dansk."

"Jeg studerer dansk."

Translation:I study Danish.

September 24, 2014



Can a Dane remind us the trick with studere : isn't that something serious in institution with diploma at the end ?


Yes, you're absolutely correct: "studerer" is only for higher education - you should at least minor in Danish to say "jeg studerer dansk". If you are just taken a Danish course, you would say "jeg går til dansk" (which would indicate you were attending classes with a teacher in a classroom full of people, learning Danish) or you could say "jeg tager et danskkursus/jeg tager et kursus i dansk" which I guess would also be valid for following the exercises here.


How about "jeg lærer Dansk"? (Also did I spell that right?)


You can "lære" in primary school, by reading a book, taking an evening class or playing duolingo, but "studere" is reserved for higher education.

And you did spell it right.


Although, in Danish "dansk" is not written with capital D. Capitalization is very rare in Danish in general. Weekdays and months do also not begin with a capitalized letter. Only names of persons, places, etc.


Finally a sentence I can relate to!


No, you really can't yet. "Studerer" is only for higher education - you should at least minor in Danish to say "jeg studerer dansk". Just fyi.


I disagree, in my opinion, "studerer" can be used in other forms, than just for higher education.

You could say, "Jeg studerer stenen" = "I'm studying the stone"

"Han studerede bogen for skrammer." = "He studied the book for scratches."


can we translate studerer to learn,too?


Not really. Look at the other answers on this topic.


My answer to "Jeg studerer dansk" was "I am learning danish" and it was wrong!

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