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  5. "Leggo il tuo nome."

"Leggo il tuo nome."

Translation:I read your name.

September 24, 2014



I read your name. That's enough social interaction for one day.


I heard it at the Stepford business social evening.


This is present tense, in English it is present tense and past tense. What would the past tense be (as in "I have read your name" ?)


Ho letto il tuo nome.


I don't think I can reach the high standers of reading your name


How would you say 'Read your name' as in a command?


If you are speaking informally to one person, you would say «Leggi il tuo nome.»; if formally, you would say «Legga il Suo nome.». If you are speaking to more than one person informally, you would say «Leggete il vostro nome./Leggete i vostri nomi.»; if formally, you would say «Leggano il Loro nome./Leggano i Loro nomi.». If you want to say "Let's read our name(s)," you would say «Leggiamo il nostro nome./Leggiamo i nostri nomi.».

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