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"I am sitting between the boys."

Translation:Ik zit tussen de jongens in.

September 24, 2014



Do i have to put 'in' at the end?


no, not necessarily


Why do we need 'in' here and why is it at the end of the sentence?


You don't really need it.

It's part of the preposition, tussen... in: together they form a unit of meaning. You can think of them as in between.

I suppose in is placed at the end of the clause because it has a similar behaviour to that of the particle in separable verbs. Just guessing, by the way, since I'm a learner just like you.


WHY, do we have to use "tussen in" for houses but not for people?


Eh? You and I must have different exercise question. I have "I am sitting between the boys" and the answer is "Ik zit tussen de jongens in" So there is a "in" at the end for people


Read comments directly below yours.

Also I think this has changed from a year ago and before there was no 'in' at the end for the standard answer.


Talking to Dutch Native Speakers: they don't explain me why or when, they just they know when... and that broke my soul!!!!! =(


so you have to talk to flanders or any dutch speakers who live in Brussels. They would explain it to you as good as they can. I've tried and it works!


Would "ik lig" also acceptable?


Liggen = to lie, it wouldn't be a good translation of 'sit'.


What about Ik ben tussen de jongens aan het zitten in?

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