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An Fáinne Úr

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From the foundation of Conradh na Gaeilge (The Gaelic League) in 1893, their signature symbol has been the fáinne, a gold ring denoting that the wearer is fluent/proficient in Irish. Formerly, one had to pass a formal written test to qualify for the fáinne, but since a revamp this year, there are now three categories of ring, which you simply buy. The Fáinne Úr (New Ring) is a smaller, gold ring for full Irish-speakers, inscribed and costing €3. The Fáinne Airgead (Silver Ring) is a new scheme, for those with the proverbial cúpla focail (some phrases), and costs the same. Finally, the "classic" fáinne, which is larger, and contains 9 carats of gold, is available for traditionalists. All can be viewed on the Conradh website, http://cnag.ie.

3 years ago

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That sounds amazing, Maybe I will get my Fáinne Airgid when I get better at the language

1 year ago

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