"Você quer o seu café da manhã?"

Translation:Do you want your breakfast?

June 7, 2013

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I prefer "pequenho almoço"


In European Portuguese "breakfast" is "pequeno almoço", never "café da manhã"


you're right about that. It's our "little lunch" :)


I know "café da manhã" goes for breakfast, but how is it wrong to say it is "morning coffee"?


It implies that we always drink coffee at the morning when we don't xD


It's like "tea-time" in English. People don't always drink tea at tea-time, it's just a meal at a certain time of the day.


I don't think is totally wrong or tell me how would you say "morning coffee" in portuguese.


if you want to translate "morning coffee" to Portuguese, you would say "café da manhã". That's right. But you would have a really hard time convincing a Brazilian that you really mean "morning coffee". Maybe "café da tarde" means afternoon coffee, maybe "café da noite" means evening coffee, but "café da manhã" means breakfast.


'Morning coffee' would be "café de manhã". The phrasal (phrase) noun used to represent the idea of 'breakfast' is "café da manhã".


I'm not sure how the mechanics behind duolingo work, but they should introduce me to this expression before telling me to translate it (yes, I translated it into morning coffee -_-).


Mistakes are our learning coins here on Duolingo ^^


Cafe da manha means breakfast, but is it only referred to adult breakfast? I mean, what is the breakfast translation for children or people not drinking coffee?


It's also "café da manhã".


It's funny how quick we are to say "coffee of the morning" is a weird way to express breakfast... while we almost don't even notice how weird it is to say "BREAKFAST" in English to refer to the first meal of the day... Honestly, when I think about it.. it's hard to say which is the weirder idiom. Hah


Is there another word for breakfast, or is this just a colloquialism? What if you don't drink coffee?!

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