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  5. "Hij is secretaris."

"Hij is secretaris."

Translation:He is a secretary.

September 24, 2014



It isn't necessarily true that in English there is 'always' an article, for instance, "Welcome to the town meeting. Meet Roos and Willem. She is Treasurer, and he is Secretary." You may add "the" in front of the titles, but you don't have to.


You could leave out the "is" but not the "the", but it would sound accusative. "She the treasurer and he the Secretary."

This is because essentially in English we treat a job title like a title, perhaps going as far as referring to people by their title, "madam treasurer, Mr Secretary."


Misleading and completely wrong. Omitting "is" (the verb) means this is not even a sentence! An article is optional depending upon context - there must be thousands of amateur sports and hobby clubs where a keen individual is introduced to new members as "Mr A, Secretary and Treasurer of the XXX Club"


Not so. He is Captain.

He, the Captain, has a peg leg. He is the captain of the vessel.

One is a title and the other is a descriptor.


"He is treasurer" without the article is simply incorrect English.


It's not; what the lack of article DOES mean is that you are implying that he is THE treasurer within the faction you are discussing.

"He is Vice-Secretary (of the Blah)."


If the role is a profession, then include the indefinite article: "I am a teacher", "she is a lawyer".
If it's a role in an organisation, either leave it out or put the definite article- "he is [the] treasurer of the Football Club", "she is [the] chairman of the PTA " etc


You can omit the article in English in very specific discourse-constrained cases. For example if we're talking about roles in a formal group, "ok, who's treasurer?" "John is (treasurer). Anne's president." Etc. That's OK for me.


If you don't know the gender of the person, do you use secretaris or secretaresse?


This will confuse you, but they are actually different jobs.. run this through google translate https://onzetaal.nl/taaladvies/advies/secretaris-secretaresse


Very interesting, thanks!


Why is there no 'een'?


To me the pronunciation of secretaris and secretaresse is exactly the same... So I was wrong despite listening carefully to the slow sounds!


As an English speaker I confirm you need the definite artice. We would never say She is Treasurer. It would always be: She is the Treasurer

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