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"Svanen spiser ormene jeg giver den."

Translation:The swan is eating the worms I am giving it.

September 24, 2014



Why isn't there a comma between ormene and jeg? Regularly have I been told that when Danes start a new clause, such as "I think I will go somewhere" in danish it would be "I think, I will go somewhere". Does this change because of the presence of a direct object?


I keep typing the right answer and it keeps coming up wrong?


What is interesting is that you don't need "that" in this sentence in Danish. Svanen spiser ormene jeg giver den rather than Svanen spiser ormene at jeg giver den, but omitting it from the correct English translation, while making some pedagogical sense, doesn't make any sense for our fluid understanding of both languages. I'm here stuck because 'The swan is eating the worms I am giving it.' is grammatically all over the place. The swan is eating the worms that I am giving it would be somewhat correct but alien to an English speaker. It's like a doubly continuous sentence.


"The swan gives worms I'm giving it" was not accepted


Is saying "Svanen spiser ormene jeg kigger den" grammatically correct? (Despite being somewhat completely wrong?)


"kigger" is "looking" so that would be completely wrong ;b


Indeed. Considering I only had the audio to guide myself, wouldn't "Svanen spiser ormene jeg kigger den" be "the swan eats the worms I look/am looking at"?


If you want the sentence to be that the swan is eating the worms you are looking at, the sentence in danish would be "Svanen spiser ormene jeg kigger på". though I still find the whole sentence to be weird..


Prepositions stump me constantly, it seems. Thank you.


You're welcome :)


I love the fast reading sounds like svanen spiser orm yuck yuck yuck. Lolol

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