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1st Dutch idiom of the week!

Now, the Dutch course doesn't have bonus skills yet, so... I will explain every week (or 2 a week if you want) a Dutch idiom!

Our first idiom that is quite frequently used, is: "Dat klopt als een bus!". This idiom is used to say something is totally right, correct.

The verb kloppen means to be correct (and to knock). Bus (de) is here used as an old word for box or any other form of container. (Now you can see this word in compound words as brievenbus (letterbox)). So if your box of money is "correct", if you have enough of it, you are totally fine, well.


Leraar: Wat is twee plus twee?

Jonas (een leerling): Vier, meneer.

Leraar: Dat klopt als een bus, Jonas!

Teacher: What is two plus two?

Jonas (a pupil): Four, sir.

Teacher: That's right, Jonas!

I hope you enjoyed this, please write in the comments if you want me to keep doing this or not!

September 24, 2014



Nice. And with this kind of explanation it's also interesting for native speakers!

If I may be so free, I'd like to add Dat klopt als een zwerende vinger! This means exactly the same as Dat klopt als een bus!

This uses yet another meaning of the verb kloppen: to throb. So literally it would mean That throbs like a swearing finger! Here the joke lies in the double meaning of kloppen which links this to to be correct.


Of course! If you have any additions to my (future) posts, please add them in the comments! Your information is always great :)


It's definitely very nice to have idioms as a complementary resource in Dutch! Dank je wel!


Yes, more of this please!


I like it - yes, more of this alsjeblieft!


Yes please. It is tremendously helpful in getting a feel for the language.

You've hit the nail on the head!


Yes, definitely keep the idioms coming!


Yes, of course.. I would absolutely like it if you please keep doing this.. thank you so much..


Dat is interessant, dank je wel!


Hi everybody! I have a question. I heard simply "Dat klopt". Is it correct too? Or does it have another meaning? Actually, for foreign speakers it is should be better the short version, because it is easier to remember it, but I would like to understand if it means something else. Dank je :)


Yes, "Dat klopt" means the same, so you can use that too :)


I was wondering when I'd start to see bonus skills.

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