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"The strong man is carrying more than a thousand plates."

Translation:De sterke man draagt meer dan duizend borden.

September 24, 2014



If 'draagt' means 'wearing' and 'carrying' then what how can you tell the difference between 'he is wearing something' and 'he is carrying something'?


German is the same way, and you might be surprised at how rarely you have to make this distinction. If you absolutely need to, however, I would go the German route and specify how it's being worn or carried. 99.99% of the time, no one will misunderstand you.

Imagine if English only had wearing for both words. If I tell you, "He's wearing the hat in his hand," you'd understand that I must mean he's carrying it, because you can't "wear" something in your hand. You could probably construct a situation in which it's ambiguous and confusing, but those are rare. If one happened to occur, you could just add extra information to clarify.


why is "meer dan EEN duizend" wrong ?


"Duizend" (a thousand) and "honderd" (a hundred) never have the indefinite article "een" (a ) in Dutch. It is just an oddity of the English language.


thank you for the explanation !


This is not a sufficient explanation. Why is "twee duizend" a valid numeric phrase, but "een duizend" not?


What Simius said is just something you have to accept about the Dutch language. There is no 'een' before a single hundred or thousand; you only have to specify a number of hundreds/thousands if it's more than one.


Because "one" in Dutch is "één" not "een". So "één duizend" is correct.


I'm more concerned about how well he can balance.


Guys, who can explain me a difference between "duizend" and "duizenden"? (:


duizend = a thousand duizenden = thousands


Why "borden" and not "platen" ?


you are saying A so the translation must be with an Een this is a mistake and you have to fix it


See above. This doesn't translate directly from English - Dutch just doesn't use een before a single hundred/thousand.


Thank you for explanation!

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