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  5. "Tá ola ar an spúnóg."

" ola ar an spúnóg."

Translation:There is oil on the spoon.

September 24, 2014



Thus proving once again that the word "spoon" sounds funny in all languages.


It sounds like ar a spúnóg to me. Is the n in an sometimes dropped in spoken Irish or are my ears bad?


As Scilling pointed out in another discussion thread:

the 'an' is frequently pronounced as an unstressed 'a' between consonants"

The current speaker does this quite freqently, and for me it is sometimes a challenge, whether the intended meaning is "the", "his", "her" or "their".

I presume, that this is later part of the advanced training sessions.


I put "a" and it was accepted


Would this mean what oil in the spoon means in English, i.e. in the part that one puts in one's mouth, or does this mean that one has rubbed the spoon with oil, as one might to care for a wooden spoon, and there is oil all over it?


Just that there's oil on some part of it, pretty much as in English.


I said "There is oil in the spoon". Why is this not also correct?


"There is oil in the spoon" - "Tá ola sa spúnóg".

"There is oil on the spoon" - "Tá ola ar an spúnóg"


pronunciation is definitely a and not an


Definitely a fact....a meaning his and an meaning the are pronounced exactly the same throughout the course. If an meaning the, for the purpose of instruction, it should be accentuated, not distorted, over emphasised by pronounced in a manner so it is clear that the word An is being used and not A


I got this right, but I am a stuck record......the pronunciation here isn't an it is definitely a.

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