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error in the stream section?

there seems to be an error in the stream section of my home page. i just did clitic pronouns lesson 4 in spanish. it is the only lesson i did today, however, the stream says that i did 3 lessons, and picked up 30 skill points, even though i finished with zero hearts left. i don't know what is going on. is this an error, or is there something i don't know? opinions welcomed.

June 7, 2013



If there's nothing new between two activities on your stream that are the same "type," Duolingo seems to combine them, even if they were done hours apart. Perhaps this is an attempt to minimize the amount of clutter on the stream. For example, if you did two lessons last night, went to bed, and then did one this morning, it will merge the three lessons on your stream and list them together as one action. Not sure if this is what happened to you, but I've noticed that happening on my stream.

It's a little confusing especially because the actions can jump over each other. For instance, I did several lessons in Spanish last night, then started today with a French refresher, then went back to Spanish, but the Spanish lessons that I did last night seem to have "jumped over" the French one and merged with the Spanish I did this morning, appearing as though I did many more Spanish lessons this morning than I actually did.


ok, thanks. this must have been what happened. quite possibly, the stream combines activities that were done in the same 24-hour time span. i think this because the last activity i did before today was less than 24 hours ago.thanks for the explanation!

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