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"Bjørnen løber med saksene, børnene løber ikke med sakse."

Translation:The bear runs with the scissors, the children do not run with scissors.

September 24, 2014



That bear is a bad influence.


Good thing the children aren't buying into itl


So, are children running or not? Is it correct to say 'the children run without scissors'


Semantically, it's the same.


It is not exactly the same, although the difference is slight.

Saying "the children run without scissors" implies that they DO run, and do not carry scissors. Saying "the children do not run with scissors" implies that they do not do the two things at the same time: They may or may not be running, but they do not carry scissors when they do.

It works the same way in Danish.


The pronunciation of "saksene" seems to be wrong.


So is scissors the same as in English, where one always refers to one pair of scissors with the plural form?


It seems not, because when it asked me to translate "scissors" it accepted "saks" but did not accept "sakse". So saks should be one pair of scissors


Why is one plural and one not


I think: "saksene" is used for the bear with the scissors and "sakse" for the children with scissors. Both plural forms.


Is there anybody else here who ALWAYS gets this one wrong when you have to say it? I don't generally have this much trouble with reading aloud questions. It always accepts the first three words when I say them, and sakse. Sometimes it also accepts børnene. In other sentences, it accepts my saksene - but never in this sentence! I haven't slept in months because of this. (OK, that last sentence is a bit of an overstatement, possibly...)


Im also getting this problem. Im not able to say perfectly so im getting it wrong


My translation was perfect, was one of the scissors uses in one place, and the other to be used second?

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