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  5. "Saskia is a student."

"Saskia is a student."

Translation:Saskia is studente.

September 24, 2014



what is the difference between "studente" and "student" and when do we use each?


Student (plural studenten) can be used for both male and female students (and mixed groups), studente (plural studentes) can only be used for female students. It's a matter of personal preference which one you use for female students.


Susande (or anyone else, really), has this changed over time? Is it changing with other words such as 'schrijfster' vs 'schrijver'. In English, these kinds of differences are disappearing -- 'actress' is going out of favour, as is 'waitress' etc. Some like 'poetess' have gone completely. Is it the same in Dutch?


No, not really. The female forms are still used (at least in the Netherlands, I can't say anything about Belgium).


"Studente" is the female form (with "studentes" as plural). I often hear "student" being used to refer to a female student, so that is more of a neutral form rather than just the male form.


It's telling me "Saskia is student" is the correct answer. It was really difficult to tell which sentence was Dutch and which was English!


Why is "Saskia is a student" refused? I think both "Saskia is student" and "Saskia is a student" are valid for the translation ?


"Saskia is a student" is English. That has to be translated into "Saskia is studente" or "Saskia is een student".

a (in english) = een (in dutch)


In other sentences like "saskia is een student" i wrote "saskia is a student" and its wrong because the "a" has not to be there. I dont understand it


That's because in English you can only say "Saskia is a student", but in Dutch this is a special case: "Saskia is een studente" or "Saskia is studente" is both correct.

For example, if I translate "Saskia is a girl", I have to translate it into "Saskia is een meisje". Not Saskia is meisje.

So, notice how student is a special case, and normally you translate 'a' into 'een'. If you find this difficult, just translate "Saskia is een student(e)", that's always right :)


'Saskia is a student' or 'is student' needs correction

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