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Android accepts any free text entry as correct

Dear All, on my Cynus T1, latest update of the Android App, any free text I type checks as correct in exercises. Anybody else has noticed this ? Thanks.

June 7, 2013



Thanks for letting us know. We're working on fixing this issue as we speak.


Hi Luis, thanks.

I downloaded the update and here is what happened. I started an exercise. Checked that incorrect free text does not work anymore, and stopped the exercise session before its end. Then I go back to a new exercise session, but the answer to the question I previously gave a wrong answer to - on purpose - seems to be the expected answer to all questions now.

Example :

"That does not affect me" My input : Das betrifft mich nicht Sorry wrong answer : "Ihr seht den Apfel" ( ie, answer to the exercise during the first testing session).

I tried disconnecting/closing the app, but it seems the problem remains.

By the way, thanks a lot for your work !


Would you mind helping us test a possible fix for this issue?


Hi Luis, sure, I´ll help. By the way, I have Android version 4.0.4.


hello ... you will Duolingo available to other older versions of android?

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