"The man drinks both beer and wine."

June 7, 2013


Why not "L'uomo beve sia birra sia vino." ?

June 7, 2013

This was also accepted for me, maybe that's new.. I'm also unsure what to choose in the future now, tho

July 30, 2013

Does anyone know why 'sia birra che vino'? Would the literal translation be 'both beer that wine'? And what does 'che' means here and why is it being used? #Confused

August 5, 2013

The second sia and che I think are interchangeable. As to why, I don't remember, but I used l'uomo beve sia birra sia vino and it accepted it fine.

August 22, 2013

On multiple choice, an option was "L'uomo americano beve la birra."


June 17, 2013
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