"Scrivo sin da ieri."

Translation:I have been writing since yesterday.

June 7, 2013

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why do you need sin and da if they both mean since?


"sin da" marks a fixed point or limit , while "da" is a bit more general. Both can be translated as "since" , but "sin da" would be something more like "ever since".

Also, "fin" and "sin" are interchangeable. You should use the one that sounds better.

Fin da oggi. / Since today.


Is "fin" the same as "fino"?


Great explanation. Tnx


So, I gather the present tense can also be translated as "have been writing" when it is still going on. At least it makes sense, unlike "I write since yesterday" Just didn't know the form. Any guidance of how to translate it thus in other situations?


non native english speaker? I think the "have been -ing" construction works best when it's accompanied by a phrase that indicates that you started the action in the past and it's still continuing (eg. I have been writing this..-'for a while', 'since yesterday', 'for months' 'all morning' etc.). Otherwise it sounds a bit bulky. And "I write since yesterday" or "I'm writing since yesterday" just sounds completely wrong.


This is an awkward sentence in English - have never heard it spoken. It is a writing marathon where you write for 24 hours straight?


NaNoWriMo is what this got me thinking of, where you have to write a 50000 word novel in one month (November). I think this sentence would be applicable to that.


Yes. We enjoy those writing marathons over here ;)


"have been writing" isn't a different tense from the present?


It technically is a different tense (perfect progressive) but I guess in this context the translation from Italian to English makes this difference necessary


honestly I don't know what it is about this one lesson but whatever i do, I can't get through it!! why is it so hard?


I wrote the correct answer, it's cinsidered not! The suggested correct answer is the typical one if mine though!!!


I'm so glad they fixed the grammar on this one.


This sentence sounds like broken English...


This sentence sounds like broken English...


I answered "I've written since yesterday."

Is it wrong because i put it in the past? If I were telling someone i had been writing something non-stop since yesterday, or if they were asking if I'd written ANYTHING since yesterday (accusing me of not working, for instance) that's how I would answer. Is that not what it's asking?

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