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Random loss of streak/lingot wager + Additional loss of streak/lingot wager due to strengthening

I had a 5 day streak going and had a wager for 5 lingots but my streak randomly disappeared today (I completed the lesson anyway).

Also, last week I also made a 5 lingot wager for a 7 day streak but lost that one too because I was doing strengthening review exercises and not new lessons. I did not know that only specific types of activity extended your streak.

Can someone from Duolingo please correct both of these mistakes and add 20 lingots back to my account? (10 lingots for each 5 lingot wager).



September 25, 2014



As long as you earn 1 XP during the 24 hours, your streak should be maintained, no matter how you earned that XP. Your problem could be that you have practiced after midnight (in the timezone you were in when you registered) or you are using an app offline and it could only connect after midnight to register your activity.


I think the timezone issue might be at fault for the current streak loss. However, when I was doing strengthening exercises each day and never maintaining a streak (over the course of a week) the timezone issue was not a factor. I lost 4 wagers on failed streaks due to these issues.

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