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  5. "Soy bajo."

"Soy bajo."

Translation:I am short.

June 7, 2013

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alto y bajo, largo y corto


So bajo is short in the sense of height, and corto is short in the sense of length.


Thanks for that as I was just wondering what the difference between bajo and corto was.


You can refer to parts of yourself as corto (hair for instance) but don't refer to people as such. This is an insult to many Spanish speakers.


Does that mean something like "not so bright" (aka, stupid)? We have a similar expression in Lithuanian - trumpaprotis, "short-minded").


yes,exactly. if u call someone corto in spanish it can well mean that.


Would a woman say, "Soy baja"?


I have a pronunciation question. It sounds like she is pronouncing the "b" in bajo more like an English b, not like the soft Spanish sound between the English b and v. Is this a glitch or is bajo pronounced with a harder "b" sound, or maybe I'm just not hearing it correctly?


Lol I found this sentence to be funny because I'm a native Filipino speaker and bajo is homophonic to 'baho' which means stinky in my languange. So I interpreted it as "I am stinky".


Soy bajo doesnt make sense , i only say this because im hispanic and my parents wouldnt use that phrase. Unless thats only me, i would say " yo soy chicita, or some would say chaparrita. Duolingo should add a sort of historical lesson so people know that there are different ways to say certain phases. Example some people in mexico that are from the city say it one way and some from el pueblo say it another. Same as people from N.Y say things differently from people from texas or idk if anyone gets my point but yah


googe translate: I am under. just another word with multiple meanings. might be nice if the "answer" showed all of the possible meanings. asking too much perhaps?


You wouldn't use under with soy or ser. Estar would be better. Soy bajo in Spanish only means I'm short. I'm pretty sure anyways


KatrinaMac4 to further explain why, it's good to mention that ser is used for things that are permanent. so, because "I am short" is something that will describe you permanently, you'd use ser: "soy bajo (a)". estar is used for temporary statements. so if you're trying to say "I am under" (that being for only now) you'd use estar: "estoy bajo (a)". hope this helps! :)


It's not within this context but would "soy bajo" be translatable with "I am downstairs" too?


I am downstairs. would be "Estoy abajo." Also remember use ESTAR for location.


Is it incorrect to say "Yo soy bajo" ? I didn't try it but is it something that just sounds very formal to native speakers?


No, it is not incorrect. You could use the pronoun or omit it. Yo soy bajo=Soy bajo, Tu erez baja=Eres baja. The secret is the conjugation of the verb "estar".


Is the capital start of a sentence obligatory ?


Yes. Duolingo does not care if you put a capital or not. Same with commas, all punctuation. They only mark it wrong if you don't have right words


Just me or does the fast version sound like he's saying "soy y bajo"

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