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Received no skill points for translating sentences.

I'm in German right now, in the food section, and no matter how many sentences I translate, or other people's sentences I rate, I don't receive any skill points from them. I'm currently at 117/260 and it hasn't moved a point.

September 11, 2012



This has not happened to me so I can't be of much help, but have you tried logging out and logging back in? If so and that didn't work, maybe you need to clear your web browser's cookies.. I'm not sure. :(


Have you gone through the food section exercises as well? If so, contact duolingo it may be a glitch in the program.


It also happens to me. Sometimes I get skill points translating sentences, but sometimes I don't.


Perhaps this is from a section you have previously mastered? In that case, I don't think you do.


I'm having this same issue in several different sections -- I can't get points or credit for my translations so I can't master any of the sections


LaniR, if you have done all the lessons and have not mastered the section, you can get it by clicking on "test out of this skill" on the top right corner. If you pass it, you will master the section.


I think I have discovered how the points are counted. Each sentence are related to a section depending on its difficult or words. If you have unlocked the section, you will receive the points to the section. If it is locked or mastered, you will receive only skill points, and no section points. I have noticed that because sometimes when I translate a sentence, I see "+ Skill points" and sometimes I see "+ 7 Food" or "+ 7 People". If you have "117/260" and have translated a sentence related to another section, it will keep the same points, giving you just skill points.

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