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  5. "Each house is white."

"Each house is white."

Translation:Elk huisje is wit.

September 25, 2014



Is there a way to tell whether "huis" or "huisje" is meant? (Other than the fact that this is a lesson on diminutives?)


Normally house will be huis, only if you want to put some emphasis on the smallness or cuteness of the house it's changed to huisje.

There are some specific words for which is it normal to use diminutives, e.g. meisje or things like een lekker bakje koffie (a nice cup of coffee). Apart from that kind of usage or specific emphasis I would say be sparse with diminutives, because you will sound like you're talking to a baby or very small child.


Thank you! I'll try to default to a non-diminutive except in specific cases where I know it's normal to use it.


Does elk also mean every?


"Each" and "every" are pretty much interchangeable in English.

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