"I have your man."

Translation:Ho il tuo uomo.

June 7, 2013

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Oh no you di'in't!


Pretty sure it's meant in the sense of "Hey, all of you, I found the perfect man for the job."


why is it "il" not "i"


Because "il" is definite article for masculine singular nouns while "i" is for masculine plural form.

But note that if it there wasn't a possessive (vostro or tuo in this case) the article would be l' (Questo รจ l'uomo / This is the man)



We're talking about one man, who is possessed by more than one persons.


Why do they not accept "suo" for "your"? Is it not the formal form for "your"? Please advise.


Yes, you're correct "suo" should be accepted as well [Ho il suo uomo = I have your (formal you) man ]. Report it if you see it next time.


why is it "il tuo uomo" not "io tuo uomo" ?


The definitive article (in this case masculine singular definite article il ) is needed before possesive (vostro/tuo). check this http://italian.about.com/library/fare/blfare132a.htm

Also I presume you wanted to say "Ho io tuo uomo". #1 "io = I" shouldn't be placed behind the verb (It should go before the verb (io ho). #2 the pronoun "io" is not actually necessary since "Ho" the first person singular of the verb "avere" is giving us information who has your man. :)


Could anyone explain why the following sentence is incorrect please?

Io ho l'uomo tuo.


This sentence finally sounds like the true reason why many of us started to learn Italian -- The Sopranos. I hope I will not be on the receiving end of the conversation when I have to use it in real life.

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