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"Ils peuvent créer leur entreprise à tout moment."

Translation:They can set up their business at any time.

June 7, 2013



I heard this sentence and wonder if the plural: a tous moments, which sounds the same, makes sense in French?


Sometimes spelling counts. Sometimes it doesn't. When does it matter and when doesn't it matter? Is there a pattern?


I've tried to watch patterns, and some I have noticed, but some???? Just can't figure them out. For this one, I spelled the French "entreprise" wrong by spelling it "enterprise." I can only guess that they marked this particular type-o wrong because my misspell "enterprise" is also an English word. Anyway, be advised "tout le monde" that if you type fast, you are probably going to have some automatic typing of words that are similar such as these and get them wrong.


Yes you are normally allowed one typo provided that it doesn't create another valid word in the target language. However if you have more than one mistake/typo Duo usually loses the plot even if the "word" you create doesn't exist.


'at' is not required.


From English, I would have translated this as "à un moment donné". Is there a clear difference in French?


Yes, there is -- I'd say one phrase can almost be the opposite of the other. "Â un moment donné" means "at a particular moment" or "at a certain point", whereas "â tout moment" here has the sense of "n'importe quand", that is, "whenever/anytime/at any given moment".


Thank you - it was the "any given moment" that I think was convincing me that "un moment donné" had a different meaning.


I translated this as "They can set their business up at any time", and it wasn't accepted. Is it incorrect english?


I did the same as you. I think there is nothing wrong with this English sentence. It should be accepted. I did use the report function so I hope it gets noted and changed.


they can create their firm at any time - what iswrong with it?

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