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Suggestions to Duolingo about Dutch genders

I strongly recommend Duolingo to provide more help to learners for the genders of the nouns.

Modern Dutch is a language that consists of 2 genders. They are common gender which uses "de" and neuter which uses "het". However, Duolingo has not yet given any support for learners to memorize the genders of the nouns.

Let's compare that with German courses:



They add an article before each noun (der, die, das). They also show us the gender of each noun (masculine, feminine, neuter). That is exactly the way they help German learners to memorize the genders of the nouns.

I think it would be a lot better if Dutch courses of Duolingo do the same thing by replacing {der, die, das} with {de, het} and {masculine, feminine, neuter} with {common, neuter}.

Thank you.

September 25, 2014



I agree. I wonder if the Dutch team just hasn't gotten around to this yet. The course is still in beta, after all. I believe what you're saying also applies to the Danish course. Just because there is no masculine feminine distinction, and most of the nouns are of the "common" gender, that doesn't mean gender can be overlooked. I'm looking at other two-gender courses like Spanish and Portuguese, and it looks like they have similar help provided in the tooltips, at least.

This is a very important issue for Duolingo and for language teaching in general. It's a delicate balance between overt grammar instruction and providing the learner with just the right sort of naturalistic input.

Speaking for myself, I tend to ignore the lengthy grammar explanations in DL for the most part. I actually love studying grammar, but that's not what I come to DL for. I really like when I occasionally get a short pop-up grammar explanation in the middle of a lesson. It has to be both short and relevant to stick in my head very well.


I think it was already said that Incubator courses still don't have the feature that makes possible to add the article to new words. And I think it's something the Duolingo staff is already aware, so these changes could be possible, eventually.

At the moment, I've noticed that the Dutch team has managed to overcome this situation by giving us sentences which frequently teach the correct article for the new words. So even though having the articles would definitely be a nice improvement, I don't think it's a major problem.


Ah, that makes sense. Courses that come from the Incubator are currently at a disadvantage, I guess. Well, they're still pretty dang cool anyway!


That's correct. We have requested the feature and it is currently listed as "Planned". So it's coming, but we don't know when.


Yes, I agree, it'd be easier to learn the genders of the Dutch nouns if they'd give the gender when they introduce the nouns. That's how it's done in the other language courses.

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