Gran vs grande

What's the difference? and when does one use one rather than the other? Thanks.

4 years ago


gran is great, and usually is not used to describe size. grande is big/large in relation to size.

El es un gran hombre - he is a great man

el edificio es grande - the building is big

gran usually precedes the noun, grande usually follows. hope that helps

4 years ago

Duolingo makes me go along with your second rule instead, as it has one of the sentences "Necesito un gran emparedado." where emparedado is getting gran instead of grande. What's the actual deal here? .

1 year ago
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that is how I learned it in my courses. Somehow Duolingo Spanish for Germans sometimes mixes this up!

1 year ago

In addition to gran being used for "great", a user had this to say:"Gran" is used in front of the corresponding noun and "Grande" is used after the noun. And neither is affected by the nounĀ“s gender.

1 year ago

Thank you! Also for the before/after input, which was also a source of confusion.

4 years ago
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