"I do not drink oil."

Translation:Non bevo olio.

June 7, 2013

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What a coincidence. Neither do I!


finally! someone who doesn't drink oil! :D


Why would anyone want to drink oil?


I put oil in my pancake mix this morning. I had to choose between olive oil and motor oil. I chose olive.


Should have gone with some gear oil. Practically thick as honey!


People on the Keto diet sometimes do. I'll sometimes have some spoonfulls of raw coconut oil. Delicious. It's also good in tea/coffee.


I answered "Non bevo olio," which was correct. Would "Io non bevo olio" be correct if I want to include Io?


yes, both are correct. if you don't emphasize on me, ppl usually omit io.


I got marked wrong for including io


Yea of course cause bevo after all stands for I drink so non bevo or Io non bevo are the same


Yeah, see, the conjugation of I drink for the sentence also let's you know the person you are speaking about, now if you wanted to say "io non beve olio," that would be wrong because beve is "you (formal) have" so you would be translating that into "I you do not drink oil.


i've just done a translation saying that she drinks oil, lol


Is this the italian way of saying "consume" or "eat"? In the sense of liquids that is...Because I noticed that the verb to drink is also used with soup and other liquid foods.


Uh... when the heck will this sentence become useful???


I have been in multiple oil shops, both in the US and in Italy, that offer small samples of the different oils in a little cup. I guess this sentence would be perfect if you didn't want to drink the oil. (And all of the words and concepts can be used in other sentences too.)


Would this translate exactly the same way if it said l'olio instead of just olio?


Yes l'olio would also be correct


No, it says 'l'olio' is a mistake


It would be ' the oil' instead of just oil. :-)


Could you say io non beve l'olio


No. You can say Io non bevo olio


Io non bevo l'olio is also correct


I agree with TanyaMevine rather than SarahRodri. "In English, the definite article is often omitted with uncountables, abstract and countable plurals, whereas in Italian an article is always used in these cases." Source: https://www.italyheritage.com/learn-italian/course/grammar/article.htm It may be that the lack of definite article in this case is the way people sometimes say it, but since it refers to oil in general (uncountable), the definite article is certainly appropriate, similar to Lo zucchero fa male ai denti. I'm just a learner.


So she doesn't drinks oil afterall


uhhhhhh i have to admit this is a lie....lo bevo olio XD i am so weird but i cant resist


In Italian it doesn't make any sense... telling that, someone would say... what are you talking about (che vuoi dire, che intendi, che stai dicendo, che significa)? Sometimes less polite... I was thinking about the context I could say that and really I can't find anything. If you intend oil to cook, season, you say "non uso olio (per cucinare, condire)". "I don't use oil (to cook, season). If someone can find a context to use the DL sentence I would like to know, thank you.


I've Drinken Straight Up Olive Oil. I Don't Reccomend It.


Why would you??? No disrespect... just wondering


There is the "ketogenic diet"! There's a drink called "bulletproof coffee" or "bulletproof tea", in my case. You can add any combination of pasture raised butter, coconut oil, and/or MCT oil to it. Also, heavy whipping cream and/or pasture raised collagen powder can be added as well! It's so delicious! If you're curious about the diet, look up Dr. Eric Berg on YouTube!


Also, there's cod liver oil! In which case I suppose you'd just "swallow" it, not "drink" it, since it's only a 1/4 to 1 tsp worth!


Who would say thos though??


I am an American and boy do I drink oil.


Really? Who would drink oil straight? (In usual situations)


Well, the Romans used olive oil for everything. And I do mean everything. And today people consume Castor oil to help with medical issues. https://www.webmd.com/drugs/2/drug-278/castor-oil-oral/details For a specific medical appointment, the gastroenterologist may require fasting except for Castor oil. I'll leave it at that. You refer to usual situations, however, so your point makes sense. After a bath, Romans rubbed olive oil on their bodies and then removed it with an instrument called a strigil.


Why is my answer wrong


That depends on what your answer was


Io non back olio why is it wrong with the pronoun?


just a moment ago it used an article, why isn't this one use an article?


Про неисчисляемые существительные слышали?


Io bevo tè with olio d' oliva.

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