"Uma cifra é como um código."

Translation:A cipher is like a code.

June 7, 2013

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Any ideas why we're learning 'cifra' here?

Cyphers can be associated to numbers, but it seems like an odd choice of vocabulary. We have only seen a couple of math terms, for example. I can think of many examples of concepts that might include numbers that I would rather learn before cypher.


For those of you that are native speakers, is it possible that this word is used more frequently in Brasil? Or perhaps in a different context?



Cifra is really cipher/cypher, a code, sum, total amount. In music it is the key of a chord...


Wow. All of that? It seems more like "total" is used for total (yeah, I know it's the same word...you know what I mean). :) And isn't "soma" or something used for sum?

Now don't get me wrong, I'm all for synonyms. I am just wondering if beyond its many uses, if the word is really used all that often.


Actually, its frequently used in musical context. (Just check out for the word "cifra" on google). Then, it means cipher. Sum is also "quantia" and total just "total"


If you've previously learnt Spanish, where it's the word for 'figure' it helps to know that it can mean something different in Portuguese. Duo has included other words which mean something different in Spanish, e.g. Maestro (conductor, in Spanish teacher). Presumably since many people have started learning Portuguese here after doing the Spanish course. Spanish was the first language that Duolingo offered.


I think you all are missing the meaning here. A cipher is a simple type of code where each letter is replaced by a different letter. For example "CIFRA" becomes "BHEQZ".


Thanks, Ron. That was the original source of my confusion. Hence the question: why was it in the numbers section, right? I guess that wasn't clear from my first statement. Glad you could clarify.

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