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"We have water if you are thirsty."

Translation:Tá uisce againn má tá tart ort.

September 25, 2014



má tá? It sounds better to my ear to say 'más é an rud é go bhfuil tart ort', yes it's longer but somehow sounds more right to me


I felt better with más atá tart ort instead of má tá, but your sentence looks interesting as well.


Could you (or someone else) please explain how would that work?


I know it's an old question, but más é an rud é go bhfuil tart ort is literally "if it is the thing that you are thirsty"

(You might use "case" rather than "thing" in that particular phrase, but "the thing is", we also use "thing" to mean "case/situation" sometimes).


I selected both ort and oraibh options. It did not seem to accept oraibh. Cén fáth?


That's a mistake. Report

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